Running Tips

When starting running there are many things to consider in order to make sure your feet are not being battered in the process or your health is not at risk as running may be great for your health and lifestyle however if certain rules are not applied then there may be consequences so through my own terrible experiences I would like to share some tips that will help for anyone currently thinking about taking up this hobby or currently already running and facing problems.

Tip 1

First and most important – Trainers. Please do not buy the cheapest ones which I did and instantly regretted, people always assume the most expensive is the best and this isn’t true. Firstly when buying speak to someone who knows about this when you go into a shop, so many sport shops have different trainers to match your run as shown in the table below:

Runner Type

Shoe Type

Over Pronator

Motion Control Shoes

Neutral Pronator

Stability shoes


Cushioning shoes

Whether you are a long distance runner, race, go up steep hills there is a trainee suitable for your needs and for the type of runner you are. If you buy running trainers use them for running only, don’t wear them out or where them for the gym or other sports, they should be for your running only. If your pace and process changes along the way or in the future then think of upgrading to a new pair to match your new style of running.

Tip 2

Socks, just as important as trainers, no point having the trainers if you don’t wear the socks to aid your support. When buying your trainers again ask about running socks, I find most are very suitable and you won’t have to be as picky as when buying trainers but still make sure you purchase some when starting your running.

Tip 3

Cream cream and cream your feet, there is nothing worse then dry feet and this can cause peeling and blisters which isn’t pretty.

Tip 4

Toenails need to be cut short, i lost a toe nail so I know, check them every week to make sure there not too long, you’d be surprised how fast they can grow.

Tip 5

Stretch, this is so important, before every single run I stretch for at least 15 minutes as the last thing you want is to cause yourself an injury before you’ve even started.

Tip 6

Don’t run before you can walk, start with a light walk and speed it up and then go into a light jog, do this for 5 minutes then slowly go back into a light walk and repeat, this is how I started anyway, everyone’s different and running is scary if you don’t normally run as not only do you feel a bit nervous about everyone staring or looking silly when really it’s all in your head. If you don’t want to do the walk to run routine them start off with a speed walk or a very light jog.

Tip 7

Match your stride to your breath, this fixes stitches which I always use to get, everyone should be able to find their own breath rhythm, make sure your are breathing in and out correctly with each step you are taking.

Tip 8

Music, need I say more l, I have so many playlists from dance, old school garage, hip hop, music is my motivation, there is no better feeling then running on a beautiful or even breezy day with your music blasting through your ears, obviously with that being said be aware of your surroundings and when running across roads, be safe!

Tip 9

See a doctor if pain gets bad, don’t expect it to go away because I made that mistake and it got worse. I ended up being in worse pain and couldn’t run for a few weeks, I was gutted due to not exercising and piling on the pounds, it turns out I had plantar fasciitis which is so common and can be caused by improper running shoes, training too much at once or weak calve muscles. I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s done too much and had this problem, the pain is unbearable and shouldn’t be ignored.

Tip 10

Enjoy taking long baths and use ice indeed when needed, use heat rub, and massage and exercise your feet as they need support and regular movements after long runs, do circular movements with your feet and if you can’t do ice just use warm water to soak your feet into.

As long as you follow these steps you cannot do no wrong, happy running!!!