Do’s and Dont’s of Exercising

• Write down your fitness/weight goal. You’re more likely to stick with it when you have set some specific goals.
• Keep a food/calorie counter diary of all the calories you are consuming, this way if you have chosen the amount you would like to cut down to you can keep track of the amount you’ve had so far and how much is left over.
• Check with your doctor if you are unsure of what you can do if you have any health problems or if you just need advice before taking up any diet or exercise program.
• If your serious about changing to a healthier/fitter new you then remove all junk type foods from your house as if you see it you will be tempted at first as the first week is always the hardest. If you live with people then prepare you healthy meals/snacks and only go in the kitchen to get these and do not look else were for other foods were your likely to see junk food.
• Make sure no matter what diet you decide to go on that fruit and vegetables are apart of this diet along with plenty of water.
• Protein is essential for helping the immune system function properly and always helps maintain healthy skin, hair and nails, protein can be found in eggs, meat, fish and many other foods, be sure to look at what each food your eating contains and involve this into your diet.
• Avoid alcohol as nearly all alcoholic beverages are high in calories.
• Once you have decided the best diet for you then find out about the best type of exercise for you, try out a few things from jogging, swimming, dancing and do what you enjoy most and try sticking to at least 30 minutes of exercise a day but try and do different things each day as you don’t want to get bored of the same routines.
• Go the extra mile to shed the pounds by going up the stairs instead of the lift, getting off the bus a stop early to walk or take walks to the park
• Remember to stretch before and after your exercise routine.
• Exercising alone can be boring as I should know having no one to work out with so work out with a friend. You can help motivate each others.
• Have them smaller pair of jeans or dress around to give you motivation to get into them
• Keep old photos near or put a few in your food diary to motivate you to keep on going.
• Try and starve yourself or dramatically cut down to a stupid amount of calories like 500, you will have no energy, find it harder to exercise and the weight will only quickly return afterwards.
• Set unrealistic goals. If you have 50 pounds to lose, don’t expect it to come off overnight, you will be disappointed.
• Don’t overdo it! Doing too much at once can be very dangerous especially if your body is not used to it, start off slow and gradually increase it with time.
• Skip breakfast. This is a big no no. Eating breakfast will jump start your metabolism and provide you with the energy you need to get through the day, I used to do this and wonder why I binged in the evening.
• Give up. Just because you don’t see results straight away does not meaning it is not working, everyone is different and some lose weight quicker then others, hang in there and just think of the end result.
• Forget to reward yourself on occasions. Having the odd treat now and then is okay, jus don’t go back to your old ways.
• Take diet pills unless you have consulted your doctor and bought them from a legit shop and spoken to a person that knows about the product you are buying. I have tried so many and personally I think there no good, prove that you can do this alone with no help from silly pills.
• Smoke. If you are a smoker like I once wss, do try and seek help on giving up as this can effort your fitness performance or at least try and cut down I use to smoke amd now vape which has helped me alot.
• Let one mistake ruin your whole diet, so you’ve had a muffin or a biscuit, this doesn’t mean that you might else well carry on and start again the next day, I used to binge and assume because I’ve cheated I should just start over tomorrow, trust me one cheat wont hurt but a binge will.
• Eat 4hour hours before bed. Eating before bed is a big no no so try not to eat at least 4 hours before hand, if its 3 then that’s better then nothing, try drinking water or if you must eat, have a light snack like an apple
• Detox, keep to a healthy diet plan as detoxing can not be done long term and the weight will pile back on i should know ive done every detox and fad diet going.
• Weigh yourself daily, this will mess your head up and you will become to obsessive, I weighed myself daily and got upset when it was more or the same, stick to a weekly weigh in and remember sometimes working out means you put muscle on first so don’t be upset ifbypu notice the scales go up.
• Compare yourself to friends and follow what celebs are doing, everybody is different and not everyone can be on the same diet, concentrate on your own thing.

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