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Fat to fit

It’s amazing what a bit of exercise & healthy eating can do, especially when you stick if out longer then you have ever done before. It’s just a shame there is no such thing as spot reduction, trying to slim down my bingo wings are a pain in the ass πŸ˜‘ but it’s working slowly but surely.

Just like most people who have problem areas, it takes time, continue to wake up, slay, work your ass off & get the results you want.

Don’t aim for perfection because it doesn’t exist, aim for progression only.

determinded, Endomondo, fitness, happy, health, health and fitness, jogging, Legs, morning, motivation, park, Record, running, strong, Sunday

Sunday Run

I woke up this morning with a cba attitude and being the fact that once I’m awake I cannot just roll back to sleep I forced my tired, fat ass self up and went for a run, I ended up doing my best run yet…

The moral of the story is sometimes the best runs come on days you didn’t feel like running. Do what needs to be done even if you dont want to do it.