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Not where I wanna be.

When you get to 30 you would think you’d have your life sorted out by now. House, car, career, travelled the world, married etc, I know they say that age is just a number just like when you have kids or get married people say its when your ready which is true, don’t just have a baby or settle down just to fit in with society or because your getting older but with a career and your own personal development I think its different, you want to get somewhere or be someone so when you do get to a certain age then you concentrate on other things such as travelling or settling down.

I’m sure I speak for most people (I hope) when I say I cannot be the only one that is stuck in a rut. Sometimes people do not find their calling intil they are 30 or 40 or even older, I definitely believe that kids have more options and choices now to when I was younger, how were you and still are expected to pick one course at college when you leave school, like out of all the things you could do how do you know that one subject is the one you want unless you try everything.

Ive literally done it all, my first job was a trainee hairdresser which wasn’t for me, then social care in college, again not for me, I then did waitressing for what seemed a life time and then a Business Administration course which led me to office work, which may I just add my experiences from offices is bitchy, drama and people kissing ass to get to the top but I’m hoping that its not all like that (but I think it is) so now that I’m 31 this year I have some decisions to make. Its true what they say, as soon as you turn 30 you stop caring what people think, I remember a time when I used to say to myself “Oh I can’t wear that what will people think” that defo goes out the window, you get older and you stop giving a damn, you start doing what makes you happy and try and work on yourself more. Before I turned 30 I was a mess, worrying and thinking omg what have I achieved, I shouldn’t be were I am now, how embarrassing, but it was a slight exaggeration because I have still achieved alot such as living in London, Essex and West Sussex in my younger days, doing a Marathon, a Skydive and climbing Mount Snowdown, being promoted, moving into my first flat and buying my dream dog Pablo the pug so its not been all that bad.

One thing is for sure once I put my mind to something or have an idea in my head I run with it without weighing up the options first, I don’t list pros and cons, but life’s about taking risks.

So what do I wanna do with my life, honestly I would be happy to never work for anyone again like I’m sure is the entire population, since fitness is the only thing that actually makes me happy I want to get into this, I just wish I knew this when I was 16 and education was free, I want to inspire others, motivate people and make them feel good about themselves, building their confidence, changing their lifestyle through fitness whislt still being able to do it myself, so it may be a case of going back to college, but how does one do that with a full time job that you cannot give up, move back home? Save?

It’s always hard when you have commitments and things get in the way, I think this is the main reasons why so many people in this world are not doing what they love because of money, going back into education, the fear of leaving their comfort zone but in the end we have two choices, stay doing a job that deep down doesn’t make us happy, yeah it pays well but is this what we want to do forever? Or take the leap of faith and risk going back to college, possibly to fit around your job which would mean using savings or trying to save first or even getting another job to pay to be trained on something you know you already do as a hobby, whether that be beauty, hair or fitness, wouldn’t it be great to wake up every morning and love going into work, being excited about going in everyday even on a Monday, well that’s what I want and as I said before when I want something I go out and get it, this is probably the hardest thing though due to the situation but nothing is impossible, I mean look at those people that start over in their 50s.

So on goes the mission to set myself the challenge to find a way into doing what I love, its about research and seeing what my options are, I hope I can at least make progress and so this time next year I can leave the office world behind and I may not be my own boss but any career doing what I love best will be good enough for me.

It would be interesting to know if anyone is actually doing what they wanted to do when they left school or if they have had a career change much later on in life.

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In 3 months time you will thank yourself.

Keep going, it takes a few weeks to see results yourself and then a few weeks after that for everyone else to see the results however you will notice the change in your mood and attitude straight away.

I must say the changes I have noticed in me have been:

  • Better sleep
  • Less stressed
  • Happier
  • Positive
  • Energetic
  • Flexible
  • Fitter

If that’s not enough motivation then the end results of dropping those pounds will certainly be a motivation.

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Home workout

So I’ve been attempting to do this after every morning run I do and I am happy to say it’s paying off, 7 pounds lighter, stronger, fitter and that little bit closer to my old fitness freak self. Not only that but I’ve been very stressed and on the verge of a break down for the past month and exercise has been my miracle cure, it’s taken me out of a black hole and slowly helped me with the stress related issues I have been facing l.

Be gone the stress, the bingo wings, the insecurities and the being out of breath when running for the bus or up a flight of stairs, as the saying goes:

” It doesn’t get easier you just get stronger” and I can definitely feel and see some results in myself.

When you see the difference in yourself, pysically and mentally that’s when it gets addictive and it’s there’s worse things to be addicted to.

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Make that change!

You get to that point in your life where you feel like your going no were and you been doing the same thing over and over again for so many years and you feel like you need something new. In my case it’s work, let’s face it no one really wants to work in a boring office where there’s favourtism, gossips, drama and ass kissing to get to the top or a place where your being asked to be a machine and do your own and everyone else’s job, it can be stressful and have such an impact on your life at work and outside of work which it has been the case for me since last year November.

I’ve always said I will find something new and I will be happier and after being in the same place for a number of years I decided I needed something new but you cant leave a job without another one right? Because that would be stupid especially when one has bills to pay. My plan this year was to start a fresh and find a new job however it doesn’t always work out the way you want. Having been over worked, underappreciated, stressed out to the max the last thing I wanted to do after work is jump on my laptop and job search as well as fit in exercise and look after my pug Pablo.

But then something happened which I wont go into however it was a big change at work which I wasn’t particularly happy about and didn’t really have a say in it whatsoever. Already having personal problems at home and being over worked it was the last thing I needed, we all have those moments in life where things get too much and you crack, I mean where only human after all and especially when you keep pretending everything is okay when it’s not or when you bottle it al in.and continue to smile through it all whislt working like a robot.

So feeling more stressed then ever, I took time out, I needed to rediscover myself and find out what exactly I wanted from life. Change can sometimes be good but when your set in your ways and things are done that you don’t agree or are forced out of your comformt zone it feels like the end of the world. This time last month I was sad, angry, depressed and as I mentioned in my recent posts exercise can help with stress and depression but at the first stages of feeling this way it is the last thing you want to do.

Now a month on I have had the break I needed and realised that everything happens for a reason, good things have to come to an end in order to make room for new things. Just because a change has happened that you didnt like or you didn’t get the job you wanted or the results you were expecting it doesn’t mean it’s the end, you have to tell yourself that something else is round the corner, you can give up and be defeated or you can either try again if you want it that bad or try something new.

In my situation I didn’t want to go back to something I know was bringing me down or be associated with people that were no good for me. So now I am moving on to something bigger and better and cannot blame others for the decisions of messing me around at work or causing me stress, in fact I should be thanking them because now I am happier, I am going to start over and live my life and yes I may not of found my dream job yet but I am the creator of my destiny and you are to.

Having the break made me realise all this and instead of wasting time sulking or feeling sorry for myself I should of picked myself up and moved on, but we live and learn. I also learnt that you shouldn’t bottle things in, if your feeling stressed or going through a depressive state talk to someone because there’s nothing worse then feeling that way and being alone in this world because it makes you feel worse.

I am 31 this year and I don’t want to waste anymore time. Life is to short and I’m sure we all thought we would be some were else by now and we still standing still, this is your opportunity to make that change, don’t wait for the change to find you, don’t wait for something to happen in order to get you butt into gear, just like with exercising or eating healthy, don’t wait for those jeans to get tighter or for you to feel unfit when walking up stairs or running for the bus because you will only feel bad for it and it would be your own fault. Only you can do it, no one can do it for you.

Make that change today and do that thing that you know will make you happy.

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Beat the sickness.

There is nothing worse then being I’ll and trying to stay in shape, it sucks, it means slow progress, motivation lost, aches, pains or cramps means you just want to turn into a couch potato and play a victim but exercise actually helps recover from any cold, flu or stomach cramps as I found over the past few days where I have felt terrible.
Exercise is good when I’ll because it flushes out all that bad bacteria from your lunges and airways and can actually remove your cold/flu whilst also preventing it from coming back again for a while. When you have that dreaded period and suffer from cramps exercise helps remove those painful cramps, headaches and fatigue as well as lift your mood.
Although being a runner in the outdoors when it’s winter can cause the odd cold you get which I blame you can swap your running for a few days if you think its going to make it worse and try indoor home workouts such as skipping, a fitness dvd or fitness youtube channel. As I mentioned in my last post stress can also be a factor when getting I’ll as the body recognises vigorous stress that you go through such as a hard day in the office so I am even more motivated to keep going with running and home workouts, as I have probably already mentioned I am anti gym, I am the one that refuses to pay for working out when I can simply do it myself and being the fact that solo exercising can be perfect way to find yourself, think things over and work your ass off without distraction.
I have never felt better and believe exercising is the reason. Normally whenever I have stomach cramps or any type of nasty cold I feel sorry for myself and as I said I am a couch potato but now I will overcome this and be the person that gets backup and sweats the crap off.
It really is the best and only medicine you will ever need.
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Exercising stressed

When you’ve had a bad day at work the last thing you wanna do is exercise. Sometimes being over worked and staring at a computer screen all day can really take its toll after a while and whilst they say exercise is the best stress relief sometimes stress can have such an impact on your fitness due to the following reasons:

  • Concentration which is affected through stress as well as mental concentration which today I believe was highly affected by
  • Memory, stress effects part of the brain that deals with short and long-term memory as well as working memory which is what you need and use to gather information such as decision-making
  • Stress prevents weight loss and effects fitness due to the way fat is stored due to the specific hormones and chemicals your body produces. When stress keeps your cortisol levels elevated, your body stores more energy as fat.
  • Your recovery process is delayed when stressed because your system breaks down when your stressed as it impairs your body’s ability to deal with stress such as exercise as its resources are used up.
  • Muscle tension can be caused due to stress which causes injury when doing any form of exercising
  • Stress ruins your motivation even more when you’ve had a bad day which I can say this is the one that has affected me the most which is the reason I run in the mornings before work

So, as I have run for the past 3 days tomorrow is my official rest day which I’m happy about because I need a rest so bad especially after the day I’ve had but how does one deal with stress when your focus is about keeping fit and losing weight.

  • Herbal teas and lots of water avoiding alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and sugary snacks as it’s known for increasing your stress levels rather than reducing it even those as a woman if you’re like me the one thing you crave the most is chocolate but if any think it makes you feel worse so it’s best to just always avoid it when stressed
  • Fresh air, yes, I I’m a runner but as described above sometimes exercise can be affected so getting out for walks and being away from the computer screen if you’re on one all day can give your mind a rest as I learnt today when I stepped outside my office for lunch when I’m known for working through it all the time
  • Warm bath, scented candles and plenty of sleep and relaxation which I plan to be using tonight and some say stay off social media as it can make you feel worse but looking at inspiration quotes and pics can really motivate you
  • Talking to friends and socialising to take your mind off things, I’ve been known for bottling things up, but s problem shared is all times a problem solved, there’s a saying that sometimes when you tell people your problems some don’t care and some are happy you have them but if you know who your real friends are then share with them
  • Stress diary to right down what a stressing you and coming up with solutions to overcome it to take control off your life, I’ve made a list at the start of the year of where I want my future to go and things song change overnight, keep positive and start making those changes in your life

So, tomorrow is another day. 2 more days and it’s the weekend so I’m going to follow the above and try to remain as positive as possible as I will be running again on Friday and what’s not to be happy about when it’s Friday. I will be using my weekend to carry on exercising and being away from work should bring my spirits up a lot more and as they say, “you’re having a bad day not a bad life” things do get better.