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Love doing yoga but my God it’s hard, I respect those that do this everyday cuz it ain’t easy.

I’m doing easy moves for beginners as shown in the pic & I feel every single stretch in my body & is helping me with my balance, not only that but it’s so very therapeutic & relaxing.

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Chase your dreams

Every morning you have two choices:

1. Continue to sleep & dream of what could be/where you want to br


2. Wake up, chase those dreams & turn them into reality

I started my journey this year by exercising, keeping fit, changing my eating habits, losing weight & becoming confident enough to share my experiences with the world on Instagram, my blog by uploading videos and pictures showing the real me. The old me was too scared about what people people think, too worried about being real, no makeup, bingo wings on show, rolls on my belly but that’s all changed, the minute I stopped caring about what people thought, started doing what I loved that’s when I became happier.

I wake up every morning kicking ass, working out or going for a run & I have not gone back to my old depressed miserable self since. I even still indulge in what ever I want because I don’t deprive myself, I allow myself treats & I still lose weight & stay in shape because I am eating well & not binging from depriving or starving myself.

If I can achieve all this in just a matter of a few months then anyone can.

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Saturday run

I was so excited when my alarm went off for my run this morning like the saddo that I am but what can I say l love running. If you’ve never been before please try, there is no better feeling then the motivational music in your ears, beautiful surroundings & going where ever you want, it’s therapeutic & you feel so free!

So I didnt do my best run this morning, just 3 miles in 40 minutes (I no I can do better) but it’s been such a long week so I think it’s had a major effect but any run is better then no run I guess so its still something 👟🏃💪🎧🌳