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Monday squats

It’s Monday!!! The weeks as food as you want it to be. Start it off right and the rest will follow.

Squatting my way into this week like…….

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Suspension trainer

Back to basics on my suspence trainer.

Not really been using this too much in my workouts but it’s actually a really good equipment so I will be trying to get in into my workouts even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day.

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Quick morning workout

So being that I’m going to be super busy over the next few weeks in a second job it’s means less time being able to exercise in the mornings 😔 & I ain’t about working out at the end of the day so…………….

I have created myself a little workout programme which I’ll be following in the mornings, it shouldn’t take more then 20 minutes. I normally spend at least an hour working out but seen as I won’t have the time this will still enable me to keep fit & burn calories so I don’t get to miss out! 😏💪

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It’s Friday

If someone is strong enough to bring you down, show them that you are strong enough to get back up!

Attempted a workout despite being ill, tired and with cramps but exercise is the best medicine.

Happy Friday!

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Monday workout

ch as I love lunges & squats I have also been doing this in my routines working my legs & thighs & I am seeing the difference each day. I have also gone in on my daily crunches & omg my stomach is on fire right now but as they say no pain no gain!

Also making use of my online fitness programme with team beachbody, my Netflix for fitness, literally never had so much choices, I am doing the 21 day fix programme so in 21 days days from now I expect a toner, fitter & stronger me! 💪

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Monday again

It’s Monday, the weather is still looking good for us all (shame we have to work in it) and it’s a fresh start to the week for anyone that had one of those guilty weekends 😔

Currently making use of Bixby which is installed on my Samsung Galaxy because it tracks all my steps taken for the day and all my calories burnt even when I’m just sat down, not only that but when I’m running it will tell me every time I have reached a mile and when I have nearly reached my target by saying ” Almost there, you can do it” just as I am about to crash. That and the beautiful outdoors is enough motivation for me.

Enjoy your day all!