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Upper body strength

Attempted this move which looks easy but it involves using your upper body strength to get yourself back up & pick up weights which is optional. Such a great move to build muscle, tone your upper body, have better balance & burn calories. Hard at first but just like with any move, the more you do the more you get better at it.

(10 reps x2)

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Exercise for 10 minutes a day

When you haven’t got time to fit in exercise before of after work. Well you can do this which only takes 10 minutes a day.

* 5 moves in total
* 1 minute per move
* x2 reps = 10 minutes

What’s 10 minutes a day in the morning? Plus it makes you feel good about yourself & keeps you positive throughout the day.

Add 2 minutes or another rep & again it’s still under 20 minutes, with or without weights (before I had weights I used tins of beans, worked just the same) 💪🏋️‍♀️

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Lunge workout

One for the legs, lunges, just like squats a killer but has its benefits, one being balance. I have zero balance & squatting/lunges helped me with that as well as yoga, lunges are included in every workout I do.

Each move here is 10 reps x3

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Monday motivation

Lil warm up before my “80 day obsession workout” total time this morning, 60 minutes.

With it being darker in the mornings it means I can’t go running at my normal 5am time as it’s pitch black so I’m doing alot more home workouts especially with winter only around the corner but theres still no excuse not to exercise, where’s there’s a will there’s a way, I may even take up evening running 🤔

I always loved morning runs because it’s quite, no one around, whole street and park to yourself, no traffic, no crazy drivers driving through pedestrian crossings as I always encounter, with the evenings I find the total opposite but my problem every winter has been stopping running and putting on weight, especially with the georgous mince pies going on sale however this year it will be different.

Why? Because I’m not going to stop exercising, yes I will indulge and enjoy but I will still train insane and make sure I continue to run, even if it’s later in the morning on weekends, running by far is my fav thing to do and my home workouts have been an example that you dont need to pay for the gym to lose weight, its okay if you enjoy going but for me I never did. So far I have lose 2 stone and dropped nearly 3 dress sizes all from home workouts, running, eating good (no fad diets) and it wasn’t fast results either, it has taken the duration of this year, the right way, not the way that these celebrities advertise dropping a dress size in a week, there’s no rush, enjoy every moment, indulge and celebrate coming this far.

arms, body, determinded, exercise, fit, fitness, health, health and fitness, healthylifestyle, homeworkout, inspiration, morning, motivation, weight, Weightloss, Weights, workout

Bingo wings are going

Out of all the workouts I do I must say the arms is my least favourite however it’s all slowly but surely paying off, here’s some more moves I’ve been doing from my 80 day obsession workout.