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My relationship with food

It’s that time of year again, the time of year I hate the most, when the clocks change, it’s dark before work and after work, alot more colder, everyone’s talking about Christmas and they even start advertising it way before Halloween has even arrived. I definitely find the summer easier for keeping fit and eating healthy as for me makes me eat less and want to train more due to the fact that your obviously going to be wearing less clothes with the heat but also because you don’t want heavy food in the summer. Winter is depressing and its so about being indoors, warm and comfort eating and I forever make this mistake every year making which makes all that hard work from losing weight and getting fit a waste but no this year, I’m proud to say that I’m still keeping fit, eating healthy and at times indulging because what is life if you can’t, if you deprive yourself you always end up giving in ten times more. So were in Novemember and I’m still going strong but on Christmas day I will be indulging, normally my cheat day normally consists of a big bag of crisps and a big bag of chocolate and that’s it, I’ll still have a healthy breakfast and dinner but on Christmas day it’s always a full day of indulging and why not. The thing that’s been alot harder for me though over the past few months hasn’t been the seasons changing but in general stress from trying to find myself and sort my life out, life is always going to be full of ups and downs and it’s remembering that every thing that happens in life is temporary, pain, stress, anxiety it doesn’t last forever and I’ve been through it over the past 3 months which I’ve bounced back from but I’ve always been one that has had a real struggle with it which has in return effected what I have eaten. Food for me is the hardest part of any weightloss journey, exercise for me is easy because you can pretty much do anything that burns calories and keeps you fit such as walking, skipping, swimming, even cleaning where as food is more difficult, okay so you can easily cut down calories but just because something is small in calories doesn’t mean it’s the same with the sugar, fat or salt and it’s three meals a day you have to think of as well as snack. Diets work for the time you comitt to it but when you come off it what do you eat? The same stuff you were eating before your diet and there you have it again, weight gain which is why I will never follow a diet again, the only time I think it’s acceptable is if you have Like 2 weeks to get into an outfit and you accept that it’s a short term solution for fast results.

My diet right now is literally whatever I want but in moderation and of course healthy for instance yesterday my breakfast was porridge, lunch was a soup with fruit and dinner was pasta, cheese and tuna, I washed it down with prosecco because it was Friday and it was needed after a long day in the office. Tonight I’m going to being having some pop corn in front of a movie with a bit of chocolate because I can because I have worked my ass off all week, so I’m fine when it comes to eating healthy and treating myself once in a while but my depression and stress effects what I eat because I used too turn to food for comfort and many years ago when I was a teenager I had a binge eating disorder, yep there I said it, a binge eating disorder is when you eat large volumes of food until you feel sick and then become upset about it afterwards, it’s normally planned in advance where the foods are bought ready for a binge or if it’s not planned then it’s just you finding whatever you can in a rush and act of desperation picking and eating numerous items in your home to binge on and anyone that’s ever had this knows that it can be easily triggered when you go through similar situations that started it off in the first place ie; stress, insecurities etc its something I’ve dealt with my whole life, not the binge eating disorder but the depression and when I had the disorder it started from depression so I instantly link that with food, when one is sad one eats and food is an addiction, we cannot live without it and it’s always around but I have had to learn how to turn to other things during stress or hard times such as exercise, meditation, reading, walking or eating something healthier (which my fav healthy snack is hummus and carrot sticks) over the years I have realised that binging is not going to make my stress go away it’s going to make me worse, it’s been literally years since I have binged and instead if I am going to indulge then it will be in small doses to avoid a relasp of what I once had.

This is why fitness is so important because it relieves stress, depression, anxiety and just overall puts you in a better place, another reason not to deprive yourself espeically when you’ve had any eating disorder is because when you eventually give in it can lead to other disorders such as bulimia and anorexia which is something that you have to deal with your whole life, losing weight can be addictive, dangerous and scary because you don’t know how your going to feel when you get to your goal weight, carry on, try lose more or set another goal etc this is the reason why I won’t weigh myself because I have been the person that gets way too addictive.

This year I have dropped nearly two dress sizes and it’s taken around 8/9 months not like when I was younger when it took about 3 or 4 because I haven’t rushed it, I have taken my time and not followed a diet, I have tried out new foods and snacks such as fish, quorn, hummus, nuts and seeds and I have not deprived myself either. I used to have something bad and then think f**k it I’ll eat crap all day rather then just carry on being healthy and say oh I’ll just start again tomorrow, now I’ll eat whatever it is that’s my guilty treat is and carry on, I’ve realised that you can’t always be guilty and feel bad then get upset and angry about it because all that does is lower your mood and make you feel like a failure. Last night I was craving chocolate ehich I haven’t had all week and normally my cheat day is a Saturday, I went to bed early in order to wake up and go for a lone run despite it being my cheat day I love running, running is my life, going for miles and inhaling in nature, it rejuvenated me, made me feel like I was untouchable and free with the world and of course I brought my tripod with my to capture the moment.

So what’s next for me, carry on with my fitness and carry on making it part of my life with my healthy eating, not letting my depression take over me, not going back to old eating habits and looking forward, it’s been a crazy year due to unfortunate circumstances and 2019 I’m ready for you.

For anyone that’s got themselves into a binge eating disorder as I stated above know it can lead to bulimia and anorexia which is so dangerous, I follow these steps when I feel a binge coming from being emotional or having a bad day and yes it can be spurned on by anything, it’s like being stressed and craving a drink or cigarette if you were once a smoker. These things have massively helped me.

  1. Going for a run/walk
  2. Writing in my journal my thoughts/feelings
  3. Making a healthy snack or prepare a meal
  4. Trying on clothes for motivation
  5. Looking up health and fitness images and videos on is instagram
  6. Read a blog/upload new content
  7. Visit family

By the time you have done any of these things you will forget about your binge and feel a whole lot better and obviously if you do want to indulge then do so but carefully.

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Staying motivated

We all have moments in our fitness journey of feeling tired, drained and even sometimes a little bored of exercising even being a fitness freak which I have become. You have bad days where you can be stressed with money, work, relationships, family or just in general having too much going on in life that you just haven’t had a break in so long that life gets too much for you.

This has been the case for me, since leaving my last role where I was for 5 years it was almost like a wake up call go sort my life out, being 30 and not where I want to be I finally realised that in life I can’t wait for things to happen I have to make them happen which is why I initially got back into fitness and then I thought why not do this for a living and inspiring others which is what I am now doing as a coach, it’s very motivating because I’m helping people daily through sharing my journey on social media, through signging people up to my fitness programme and helping them lose weight and most importantly it means that I myself have to keep a healthy and lifestyle if I am the one that’s helping others to do the same.

But with doing that whilst juggling work through good and bad days how does one stay motivated, because let’s face it we have all had those days where we don’t exercise more at least 2 days and it’s a slippery slope to your old ways. It’s been 3 days since I have worked out due to be tired, stressed and super busy but again excuses are not going to get results, rest days are good an all but just like it’s easy to get into fitness it’s easier to get back out of it so here are some tips to stay as motivated as possible:

1. Music – music is life, it gets you through very bad days and definitely motivates you through exercising whether you’re in the gym or going for a run. I have a few playlists I have in Spotify and I have created my own as shown below:

2. Old pictures – look at old pictures and see how far you’ve come. Just started your journey? Look at pics of you now and ask yourself what your not happy with, use that to get you started.

3. Inspo – Obviously social media is so powerful for getting motivated, the hashtags on Instagram from #fitness #running #exercise #weightlossjourney can all provide you with so many people on the same journey as you, #weightlossresults is my fav before you can see so many posts of people that have had a drastic weightloss result which is so motivating and inspiring. If they can do if what’s stopping you?

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself, so okay it’s not your cheat day and you cheat, enjoy what you’ve had and carry on, my biggest mistakes back in the day was eating something I shouldn’t of an I’d thought I’ve cheated so I may as well binge on crap all day and start again next week, no that’s not the answer. Carry on eating healthy straight away, not tomorrow and not next week, one cheat is not going to kill you.

5. Have a journal, I bought two this week, one for my business and one for my fitness and weightloss journey do not includes daily calories, weight each week, all measurements and thoughts of the day, cheats and feelings almost like a diary. Most people use apps like my fitness pal but I think having a pen and pad is better because when your craving something naughty you can get your pad and write down how you feel, it’s therapeutic and it’s something better to do then being on your phone all the time, plus by the time you’ve added anything in your pad your cravings will be gone.

5. Healthy breakfast – this starts your day off nicley, it means your most likely to eat well all day.

6. Exercise first thing in the morning. I get that some people are just not morning people, I wasn’t either, everything is about routine, do something so often if becomes like second nature, just like a healthy breakfast it kick starts your day in a positive way and at least it’s out the way so when you finish work you can put your feet up. Also if your a runner like me or want to start out or join a gym you have the pleasure of knowing it’s quiet in the morning so you can pretty much have the gym or park to yourself and whislt it’s summer you can enjoy those bright mornings before those dark winter nights come around.

7. Buy some clothes in the size you want to go down to. I have loads that I never threw away and I will be wearing them soon. They are hanging in my wardrobe ready to be worn, I try them on every few weeks and there is no feeling then seeing that they are slowly starting to fit.

8. Set yourself competitions, with me as a runner I try and beat my time with every run, with routines such as the wall sit again I try and beat my time, knowing your getting better and stronger is fab motivation.

9. Sign up for something. I did the Birmingham marathon a few years ago and I’m thinking of doing something like that again. It’s something amazing to look forward to and it’s a reason to keep healthy and train and also a holiday, I really want to go away this year and a holiday is the perfect motivation.

10. Finally reward yourself every week, fortnight or month with a treat for all your hard work, new jeans, bag, trainers, whatever you fancy, again it’s something to look forward to and it motivation to keep going.

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Exercising with cramps

I think I can speak for nearly every woman when I say that the monthly cycle is the worse πŸ˜₯ (sorry guys) from cramps, spots, bloating, headaches, hot flushes & becoming a moody b**ch you name it πŸ‘Ή

I used to avoid exercising but I’ve realised that exercising is actually the best thing for youπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸŠβ€β™€οΈ because it lifts your mood (well sort of lol) & helps with those dreaded cramps.

Aside from running I’m taking up yoga πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ it’s relaxing, therapeutic & makes you have better balance, become more flexible & relieves cramps & back pain.

The one thing that I always need though or shall I say crave during this time is food! And no not healthy food I’m talking chocolate, crisps etc 🍫🍩πŸͺ but I won’t indulge all day I will have cheat treats using that first day as my cheat day as you know the first day is always the worseπŸ˜–πŸ˜”πŸ€’ but still working out to ease those side effects.

Shame I can’t do anything about this big ass pimple on my chin that I get every month in the exact same place. WHY??? 😠🀬 I will be in hibernation for the next few daysπŸ˜‚ – (morning workoutsπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈchilled afternoons πŸ‘πŸ›‹πŸ–₯ & early nights πŸ›πŸ˜΄)

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Hungry or bored?

What’s the one thing we always do when were bored?

EAT πŸ”πŸŸπŸ•πŸ«

You’re not hungry, you just need something to fill the boredom, so how do we do that?

I have created a list of things that I find helps & things I enjoy snacking on if I am actually hungry & not bored.

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Nuts and seeds

So I’ve been snacking on nuts & seeds whenever I need a munch before lunch or dinner & my chosen 4 are:

1. Sunflower seeds – Contains Zinc which triggers matabolism which helps with weight loss

2. Pumpkin seeds – Good source of iron, victim, protein & keeps you satisfied for much longer

3. Whole Almond – Protein, fibre & omega 3 fatty acids & reduces belly fat due to targeting the fat in that area

4. Walnuts – Iron, zinc, vitamins & again omega 3 fatty acids as well as keeping you satisfied for longer

Obviously you don’t want to be consuming too much nuts & seeds as if you get carried away you’ll end up eating more calories during the day so I use my two little containers mixing the seeds together & the nuts together, literally a small handful altogether, it keeps me satisfied until my main meals & prevents unnecessary snacking on bad foods.

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Strawberry flavoured shake (comes in other flavours) which I sometimes add kiwi, bananas & strawberries to. Full of minerals, vitamins, proteins, plants & botanical extracts. I love milkshakes but hate that they are so fattening & have loads of sugar in so it’s nice to finally try something that actually has so much good in & taste delicious 😍

I started on this last week after my morning workouts & its been keeping me going, giving me more energy & also stopping me from snacking throughout the day plus helping me with my weightloss goalsπŸ’ƒ 😊😍

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Food prep

So part of my fitness journey has been through exercising & learning how to eat the right type of foods which I found hard due to never finding the time to cook or prepare meals but since I have become more serious about changing my life through health & fitness I have realised that if I am exercising I need to also be making the effort to plan meals & eat right.

Without preparation & planning you get into an easy habit of making something quick that isn’t good for you or not filling enough so you end up snacking later on in the day so I am now going to do a meal prep every Sunday for the week ahead in order to be consistent & to achieve my goals, no excuses & what’s an hour of prepping each week. Preparation is key!

Attached is an example of my day to day meals & fav things I like to eat & snack on throughout the day 😊