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Morning workouts

Trying to find the time to exercise in the mornings is hard especially if your not a morning person anyway but I forced myself into becoming a morning person because there’s no way I’m exercising after a long day at work plus it the best time of the day to exercise due your metabolism being enhanced meaning burning more calories as well as putting you in positive mood first thing before a long day ahead.

Its so easy to get into the routine & become a morning person if you just do it a few times a week every week. I wake up, splash my face with ice cold water, stretch then go ahead with a run or workout, this one here was only 20 minutes long. Even if you do 10, 15 or 20 minutes in the morning 3-5x a week it’s going to make such a difference.

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Suspense training part 2

Attempting to do this was actually really hard for me as I trying to get my feet in, then trying to get the right balance without falling then trying to do some moves.

The stretch I felt was insane, you feel the pain in your whole body, its like the feeling you get when doing the plank whilst moving your legs, I’ll be doing this again, practice makes perfect!

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So when I first uploaded my plank video in July I managed only 20 seconds, I’m not gunna lie I haven’t been doing it as much as when I was doing the wall sit challenge however despite this I’m very surprised that I managed 30 seconds.

Sometimes just adding fitness to your life helps overall by building your strength even when you’ve not been concentrating on a

particular area!