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Food prep

So part of my fitness journey has been through exercising & learning how to eat the right type of foods which I found hard due to never finding the time to cook or prepare meals but since I have become more serious about changing my life through health & fitness I have realised that if I am exercising I need to also be making the effort to plan meals & eat right.

Without preparation & planning you get into an easy habit of making something quick that isn’t good for you or not filling enough so you end up snacking later on in the day so I am now going to do a meal prep every Sunday for the week ahead in order to be consistent & to achieve my goals, no excuses & what’s an hour of prepping each week. Preparation is key!

Attached is an example of my day to day meals & fav things I like to eat & snack on throughout the day 😊

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So as I stated in my recent post I am not dieting I am simply trying to stay healthier because there is nothing worse then losing all that weight and having it put back on after you come off that diet which is why I promised I would never diet again.

But being a foodie like me I would say my will power is getting better as like the saying goes “A moment on the lips is a life time in the hips” yeah okay so it is a slight exaggeration because one biscuit ain’t going to kill you but at the same time if we always thought that one isn’t going to do any harm then we would always just have that one biscuit which in the end would have an effect on your health and fitness goals.

Lucky for me I am wearing a brace which is a clear one that I can take out when I want to eat but every time I eat before putting them back in I would need to floss, use mouth wash or even brush my teeth and that’s just after eating a snack so sometimes it’s not worth just having a snack to go through that whole process. It’s brilliant because it means you become restricted and you get into that routine of learning to say no. So I am trying to apply the same theme with junk food by saying no because it’s not worth the hassle of having to push harder with exercise or feeling crap when I know I have given in unless it’s my cheat day.

It’s even better when you live alone because when I do a food shop I don’t buy rubbish but the moment I go my parents I am in complete temptation, is it just me or are parents feeders, not just parents but grandparents to, it’s always hard when you know the cupboards are filled with chocolate crisps and biscuits but again having that will power to have just one or non at all really shows how strong you are.

I have found a few tips that are helping at the moment and I certainly feel good about myself because every time I say no to junk I say yes to a fit and healthier me and as I have said before do not deprive yourself because you give in anyway and end up binging but if your like me and love food so much that you cannot just stop at one then hopefully these tips will help as they have done me:

1. Firstly when cutting calories I cut down to smaller portions and sometimes calories per day so if not portions then I would take away 100 calories a day so my stomach would slowly shrink that way I wouldn’t be as hungry as much.

2. Which brings me to this one, only eat when actually physically hungry – this is hard at first when your trying to cut down and your stomach is used to loads of food but if you follow the first one then this one should get easier.

3. Water should be your best friend. I have cut down drastically on tea and coffee and now drink more water especially with meals because you get full quicker. Also green tea, I will forever be a fan of this, curbs appetite for me and helps with weight loss.

4. When eating, eat slowly. When were hungry we have a habit of rushing our good, slow down.

5. Finish when satisfied not stuffed, even if you have loads left on your plate doesn’t always mean you have to finish it, obviously don’t waste it, save for another day or just give it to whoever is eating with you.

6. Myfitnesspal or even a book logging your food for the day, an app is better because you can scan the bar code and if so will have all the calories, fat, salt etc for you, I have a Samsung galaxy s8 so it’s built into Bixby which is fab because it tells you the steps and calories burnt just for that day alone. This motivated you and also helps you keep track of what you’ve ate and with me providing on my calorie intake for that day I defo say no to naughty treats if I have already reached my sugar or calorie intake for that day.

7. Inspo on Instagram or anywhere else online, there is nothing more motivating when you see before and after pics online and hear/see people’s stories, it’s really inspiring.

8. Cheat day, you’ve worked hard throughout the week, so use that day to reward yourself. Save a treat that you have been given for that day so at least every week you have that one day to look forward to.

9. If you are craving chocolate or crisps then don’t go for the giant bar or big man size packet. I used to do this a lot, just get a standard size at least then you have indulged, had your fix and can carry on, also don’t give in unless you have an actual crave as I know sometimes your body wants what it wants and it’s harder when you go without something your body is used to but try and cope without this until your cheat day as as advised if you can’t go small.

10. Lastly swap junk for other options, want a chocolate bar replace with a healthy chocolate fruit bar, craving ice cream replace with a yogurt, below is a pic of other things you can have which will satisfy you more then that guilty pleasure.

Chocolate, diet, Eating, exercise, fitness, FOOD, Fruit, health, health and fitness, motivation, Porridge, Salads, Weightloss

Be gone fad diets

Dieting is no longer hard because I no longer follow fad diets (I’ve literally done them all, you have to come off them eventually & when you do all the weight piles back on again. Its simple, healthy eating & exercise, if I had done this years ago I would of saved myself all the stress of losing & gaining weight. Also not depriving yourself because you only end up giving in & over eating which I’ve always done. My weakness is chocolate & there’s no way im giving that up, hence why I love these Cadbury brunch bars (see pics) & a cheat day once a week, good bye to silly diet plans!