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Wall Sit

How many seconds do you think I managed doing the wall sit? The wall sit is brutal, considering I have just added this to my workout routine I don’t think 16 seconds is that bad lol with x3 reps that is. This time next week I wanna be able to get to 20+ more and so on to the point where it becomes second nature just like with my running. Practice makes perfect! I don’t care how hard it is I am not giving up.

Calves, determinded, diet, Endomondo, exercise, fitness, health, health and fitness, lunges, morning, motivation, routine, squats, workout


Squats, not everyone’s favourite exercise to do however they are great for many reasons.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Works your butt, thighs and abs
  • Builds leg muscle
  • Burns more fat due to the muscle gain
  • Helps with mobility and balance
  • Improves posture
  • Can help with cellulite
  • Helps have faster runs
  • It’s free and you can literally squat anywhere you want

So get squatting, throw in some lunges, add weights and enjoy the results!