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Goal plan tip

– Set your specific goal
– Set a realistic time frame
– Write your down your goal
– Write a plan on how to achieve it
– Set a start date *No excuses*
– Start your goal & think about it every single day

– In 1 months time go back to your goal plan & write down what you’ve achieved so far
– In 2 months time repeat the same steps above
– In 3 months time again repeat above + so on

– By this point you’ve already started changing your life for the better & it should now be a new part of your life & most importantly you should love every second of it, if you don’t or realise it’s not for you then make a new plan but no this, you tried & proved to yourself you can do anything you put your mind to!!!

– Whether your goal is to do with health, fitness, a career, money etc just stop wishing & start doing!!!

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