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Morning run

Starting every morning with a run sets your day off positively, kick starts your metabolism & clears the mind! 👟🏃‍♀️🧘‍♀️

Even if it is just a mile a day!

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Fav fitness quote

Start today & celebrate what your body can do which is pretty much anything you want it to!!!

The minute you start seeing that exercise is a fun activity and a talent that your gifted with that’s when you enjoy it more, you no longer see it as a chore or a punishment that you have to do because you’ve had something bad to eat.

I remember when I used to watch youtube videos of dancers, singers, artists etc and I wished I had a talent and someone once said to me you just need to hang in their, everyone’s gota talent and you just haven’t found yours yet. Despite that everyone can exercise I still believe that this is my talent, I love exercising, I love making up routines and filming videos on my blog and Instagram to share with the world and blogging out it, okay so I may not be a singer or dancer but I am a fitness fanatic and I’ve turned it into a hobby and hopefully using it to inspire others, so thats my talent and it’s something we have in all of us so there’s no reason for you to not go for it, not just with exercise to, anything you want you can have.

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Another morning workout

So todays guna be the hottest day of the year, jeeze, so glad I do home work outs, fan on windows open, music blasting.

This got me going before mixing up some other moves in there, make up your own moves & put on some motivational music & get going! 🏋️‍♀️

exercise, fit, fitness, health and fitness, homeworkout, morning, motivation, routine, weight, Weightloss, Weights

Arms workout

Arms day, slowly buy surely my bingo wings are going down 🏋️‍♀️

I don’t measure them, I do the shirt test, so a shirt that I bought a few months ago that I couldn’t even get my arm through is slowly getting bigger & bigger by the week 😏

Patience & perseverance is the key.

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Sunday working

After being a little ill this week I haven’t exercised as much as I wanted to but tried to get back on it this morning after a few days off 🙄

So leg day, “Insanity Max 30” & suspension trainer, total workout time 45 minutes, 30 mins of Insanity & only 15 minutes on my suspension trainer followed by 30 crunches 💪

My supension trainer is from @regularfunction_fitness (Instagram) get yours with a 15% DISCOUNT using CODE “maya” & defo give Insanity a go cuz it’s the best workout you’ll ever do!

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Weightloss results

Never thought I would ever share before pics of me but if it can motivate & inspire others then so be it, this is another throw back from a month or two ago where I was obviously a bit bigger & the after picture is me now. Again I can really see the difference in my arms, hips & stomach.

It takes trying on clothes & looking at old pics to notice this as sometimes you don’t realise just how far you have come, unless you weigh yourself constantly which I don’t, in fact I’ve not jumped on the scales in about 3 months & I own two, it is the worse thing to do on a weightloss & fitness journey, it’s just not needed because it messes your head up, this for me is enough to see how much I’ve lost!!!!

confidence, determinded, exercise, fit, fitness, happy, health and fitness, healthylifestyle, homeworkout, influencer, inspiration, Life, morning, motivation, Wednesday, Weightloss, Weights, workout

Why I workout

I work out for:

* Confidence
* Strength
* Health
* Happiness
* Stress relief
* The feeling after a workout
* The end results

Even when I reach my end goal I will still exercise, I can not see a world without it. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.