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So I mentioned in one of my older posts about being 30 and not being where I wanna be and trying to figure out what my options where as I don’t want to be in a job I don’t like struggling from month to month and just surviving and not living and now I am finally one step closer to my dream.

So being into fitness and slowing getting the results I have been dreaming of for so long there is now no stopping me, I have been given the taste of success and so far great results and I now want to use this to continue to progress and inspire others which I will be doing through Team Beachbody. They are an amazing business that has helped people all over the world through weight loss and fitness products, I have my own coach who is an inspiration as she was once where I was and she’s now a successful, fit and healthy business woman, someone I inspire to be like.

So watch this space, I will be sharing my meals, fitness programmes and progress and hope I can help and motivate people to join me on my fitness journey.

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