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It’s Friday!

Start as you mean to go on. It’s my day off today and sleep ins don’t exist as far as I am concerned so I ran this morning and this time last week it took over an hour to get back to my 3 miles which I used to do easily and this morning I did over 3 miles in under an hour #proud

So it just goes to show you never really lose your mojo, yeah you slow down a bit when you take a break but it’s so easy to get back to a routine and to improve, so for all those keen runners start now and literally within a week you will notice the difference.

The weather is getting better, spring is finally here, the outdoors at this time of year is just beautiful, there is literally nothing better then being outside first thing in the morning, which may I add is the best time to run, you pretty much have the whole park/road to yourself.

Anyways enjoy your weekend, I will be doing what I love best and that is running all weekend 😋

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