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So guys I would like you all to check out this site:

They are an online store that sell hot fitness gear for men and women and now have a sale on. I have just purchased the below, cute I know. I don’t only want to feel good when exercising but I want to look good and I think I can speak for most when I say there is no better feeling then working out to the nicest clothes. I will be sure to post some pics when they arrive.

Click on the pic to be directed to the page and take a peek.screenshot_20180419-190752_gallery2058837601056086012.jpg

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Wall Sit

How many seconds do you think I managed doing the wall sit? The wall sit is brutal, considering I have just added this to my workout routine I don’t think 16 seconds is that bad lol with x3 reps that is. This time next week I wanna be able to get to 20+ more and so on to the point where it becomes second nature just like with my running. Practice makes perfect! I don’t care how hard it is I am not giving up.