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Not where I wanna be.

When you get to 30 you would think you’d have your life sorted out by now. House, car, career, travelled the world, married etc, I know they say that age is just a number just like when you have kids or get married people say its when your ready which is true, don’t just have a baby or settle down just to fit in with society or because your getting older but with a career and your own personal development I think its different, you want to get somewhere or be someone so when you do get to a certain age then you concentrate on other things such as travelling or settling down.

I’m sure I speak for most people (I hope) when I say I cannot be the only one that is stuck in a rut. Sometimes people do not find their calling intil they are 30 or 40 or even older, I definitely believe that kids have more options and choices now to when I was younger, how were you and still are expected to pick one course at college when you leave school, like out of all the things you could do how do you know that one subject is the one you want unless you try everything.

Ive literally done it all, my first job was a trainee hairdresser which wasn’t for me, then social care in college, again not for me, I then did waitressing for what seemed a life time and then a Business Administration course which led me to office work, which may I just add my experiences from offices is bitchy, drama and people kissing ass to get to the top but I’m hoping that its not all like that (but I think it is) so now that I’m 31 this year I have some decisions to make. Its true what they say, as soon as you turn 30 you stop caring what people think, I remember a time when I used to say to myself “Oh I can’t wear that what will people think” that defo goes out the window, you get older and you stop giving a damn, you start doing what makes you happy and try and work on yourself more. Before I turned 30 I was a mess, worrying and thinking omg what have I achieved, I shouldn’t be were I am now, how embarrassing, but it was a slight exaggeration because I have still achieved alot such as living in London, Essex and West Sussex in my younger days, doing a Marathon, a Skydive and climbing Mount Snowdown, being promoted, moving into my first flat and buying my dream dog Pablo the pug so its not been all that bad.

One thing is for sure once I put my mind to something or have an idea in my head I run with it without weighing up the options first, I don’t list pros and cons, but life’s about taking risks.

So what do I wanna do with my life, honestly I would be happy to never work for anyone again like I’m sure is the entire population, since fitness is the only thing that actually makes me happy I want to get into this, I just wish I knew this when I was 16 and education was free, I want to inspire others, motivate people and make them feel good about themselves, building their confidence, changing their lifestyle through fitness whislt still being able to do it myself, so it may be a case of going back to college, but how does one do that with a full time job that you cannot give up, move back home? Save?

It’s always hard when you have commitments and things get in the way, I think this is the main reasons why so many people in this world are not doing what they love because of money, going back into education, the fear of leaving their comfort zone but in the end we have two choices, stay doing a job that deep down doesn’t make us happy, yeah it pays well but is this what we want to do forever? Or take the leap of faith and risk going back to college, possibly to fit around your job which would mean using savings or trying to save first or even getting another job to pay to be trained on something you know you already do as a hobby, whether that be beauty, hair or fitness, wouldn’t it be great to wake up every morning and love going into work, being excited about going in everyday even on a Monday, well that’s what I want and as I said before when I want something I go out and get it, this is probably the hardest thing though due to the situation but nothing is impossible, I mean look at those people that start over in their 50s.

So on goes the mission to set myself the challenge to find a way into doing what I love, its about research and seeing what my options are, I hope I can at least make progress and so this time next year I can leave the office world behind and I may not be my own boss but any career doing what I love best will be good enough for me.

It would be interesting to know if anyone is actually doing what they wanted to do when they left school or if they have had a career change much later on in life.

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