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Beat the sickness.

There is nothing worse then being I’ll and trying to stay in shape, it sucks, it means slow progress, motivation lost, aches, pains or cramps means you just want to turn into a couch potato and play a victim but exercise actually helps recover from any cold, flu or stomach cramps as I found over the past few days where I have felt terrible.
Exercise is good when I’ll because it flushes out all that bad bacteria from your lunges and airways and can actually remove your cold/flu whilst also preventing it from coming back again for a while. When you have that dreaded period and suffer from cramps exercise helps remove those painful cramps, headaches and fatigue as well as lift your mood.
Although being a runner in the outdoors when it’s winter can cause the odd cold you get which I blame you can swap your running for a few days if you think its going to make it worse and try indoor home workouts such as skipping, a fitness dvd or fitness youtube channel. As I mentioned in my last post stress can also be a factor when getting I’ll as the body recognises vigorous stress that you go through such as a hard day in the office so I am even more motivated to keep going with running and home workouts, as I have probably already mentioned I am anti gym, I am the one that refuses to pay for working out when I can simply do it myself and being the fact that solo exercising can be perfect way to find yourself, think things over and work your ass off without distraction.
I have never felt better and believe exercising is the reason. Normally whenever I have stomach cramps or any type of nasty cold I feel sorry for myself and as I said I am a couch potato but now I will overcome this and be the person that gets backup and sweats the crap off.
It really is the best and only medicine you will ever need.

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