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Workout Wednesday

So guys we’ve made it to Wednesday. Half way there, well done to those busy workers, students, everyone that may be like me and starting exercising and eating healthy again, were on day 3 of the week and it gets better after that as we are closer to the weekend. I did my run this morning harder then ever due to the fact that I indulged last night when I went down to visit my folks, I will not make excuses and say it was thire fault, it was all me, I had a lovely cottage pie and some ice cream, okay so it’s not that bad but on day 2? I felt guilty for a few seconds and then thought exactly what I said in my do’s and don’ts of exercising post, do not deprive yourself because when you do that’s the moment when you just give in and end up binging on more then what you first wanted anyway. So after I indulged I was satisfied and didn’t require seconds as the old greedy me normally would and I looked back at the past 2 days of me running 3 miles in the morning and thought “you know what Maya, you’ve done good” and I have. I’m proud that I am still getting up at crazy times of the morning and getting my butt outside for a run and I am proud that I’m still eating healthy and blogging my thoughts away which by the way is helping so much. I remember when I used to break my diets and then think because I’ve had a biscuit I’ve ruined it all and will have to restart it all over again tomorrow, truth is anyone that uses that is just trying to excuse the fact that they wanna give up and don’t care enough, having a guilty snack doesn’t mean you have to give up and ruin your whole day and start again. So what you had a biscuit, a cake or doughnut, still have the same attitude as when you started and you’ll still go along away and that’s the attitude I have right now and if anything anytime you do have moments like just get up and kill it in the gym or on your run, I know I did this morning 😋

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