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Monday Motivation

It’s Monday, the day everyone hates due to the fact that the weekends over and its back to work. But as I mentioned in my last post I want to go back to my old fitness, energectic and happy self and it starts from today.

My alarm went off this morning, I put on my running gear and splashed my face with ice cold water to wake me up. I am choosing morning runs for two reasons:

1. I start work at 9 and I do not want to work out after a long hard day in the office and especially because I am a pug owner and my evenings are mostly filled with smothering him with cuddles and kisses (yes I said it)

2. I believe a morning workout sets you off on a positive note, it’s a fact that exercising makes you a more happier, energetic and stress free person and a morning run will most certainly be a great start to everyday.

So my first 15 minutes consisted of me stretching every part of my body to prepare for my run and getting my running playlist ready on my phone as well as my fitness app to track my miles, time and calories.

As it a still winter it means when I leave my house at 5.15am it’s still dark (roll on spring) which is annoying as I would normally head straight to the park but in the dark it looks like a trap for a victim in a horror film (I’m a horror fanatic by the way so yes I have watched way too many horror films so I won’t take the risk) so instead I run around my local area for about 20-30 minutes until it gets lighter then I do the other half an hour in the park.

I love parks, the gorgeous scenery of the fields, flowers and statues, there is nothing better then running in an area that has so many beautiful sites to see which is why I cannot wait for spring so I can spend all my runs in my local park which is so beautiful.

I always see this old guy who if I had to guess I would say he’s at least 65 years old. I first saw him a few years ago and I am surprised to still see him running today, every morning at the same time, it’s so inspiring and motivating to see. I think there’s no excuse, if you want to do something you just go for it. When I’m running and feel like stopping or giving up I see him in the park running opposite me and I carry on, he gives me a little cheeky smile, probably thinking “oh she’s back again” due to the fact that I’m always off the radar, but this time I’m back and back for good! I don’t want to go off the radar again, I want to be able to get to his age and still be running, feeling young, healthy and fit and have someone younger running opposite me thinking “wow you go girl” looking at me the same way I look at this guy full of motivation and admiration.

So I did it, I carried on and I completed over 3 miles, I feel fabulous and yes it’s Monday and yes I now have to go into work but I’m already having a good day because I set my week off right. I will make sure I continue this throughout the week and for as long as possible as I promised myself, no excuses.

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