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This year is all about me!


This picture is very important to me because this was last year December and my God was it a long year, I had turned 30 in the summer and never one that likes getting old I somewhat had a quarter life crisis, as you get older I’m sure you know the feeling of looking back at your life and thinking what have I done with it and why am I not where I want to be yet, you start overthinking, feeling sorry for yourself and making plans like everyone else does for the new year. At the point when this picture I was counting down the days for the year to be over, for the weather to start changing and for Christmas to be done (yes I’m a Grinch) when I uploaded this post to my Instagram my caption was: “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” and I was to make sure that my favorite quote was not just to be added to a social media page and forgotten but to be actually seen through.

Like many people I have insecurities and problem areas and also like many people I made excuses so its been my mission this year to list what I am so unhappy with in my life and to actually make some changes, as shallow as it sounds a few of my issues were related to image but in order to be happy and confident in yourself you have to do whats right for you so with the same cliche I always use “New year new me” I was adamant that this time I was going to stick to my new years resolutions.

1. My first issue was eyebrows, like many people who spend their life unfortunately with light brows to the point you cannot see them or over plucking as a teen (me) mean they don’t grow back properly so I have spent years and years penciling them in so my first change in the new year was Microblading.

Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool to create natural looking hair-like strokes no more using eye brow pencils to fill in gaps, for around d wi£200+ it is worth it for anyone who suffereth the same problem and obviously don’t just go through the cheapest one, check reviews and speak to different places that perform this procedure. I went to Cora hair and beauty for mine and I am one happy customer. I wont lie though it did hurt! You have to have a top up after 6 weeks then it lasts around 8-12 months, not bad for the perfect set of brows for both men and women.

2. Second issue, my teeth, unfortunately I have a problem with one of my front teeth that cocks out and has caused my font teeth to be so tight that when I brushed my two front teeth when brushed where not getting cleaned correctly due to them being so squashed causing tooth decay and not only that I have spent my whole life hiding my teeth, in every photo I never show my teeth and have a robotic response of covering my mouth with my hand when I laugh, its an instant reaction because of how bad my teeth were, so what did I do you ask? I looked into braces, when people hear braces they probably have that image in their head of those old school metal braces, I wont lie I did contemplate those ones for a split second because of how much cheaper they are but at my age it was never going to happen, the world has changed now and thank God for it because they now have a thing called Invisible braces.

So they are a clear brace that you wear for 22 hours a day and only take them out to eat, this was ideal for me because not only are they clear, you can take them out and your eating less due to the stress of having to take them out all the time just to eat a snack so its not worth it, getting these were defo a perfect way for me to get into a strict routine of 3 main meals daily and no snaking and after consultations and fittings your dentist tells you how long it will take to straighten your teeth, with Invisible braces they can straighten your teeth in 6 months depending on your teeth and that’s whats so great about them so I knew they were right for me but I knew it wasn’t going to be cheap, once I decided to go ahead with it I almost fell out my chair when the dentist told me the cost, lets just say its expensive ranging from £2000-4000. I have to wear these for 8 months, although I only had an issue with my top teeth I had to get a brace for top and bottom due to the bite has to match. Even though they can be taken out they do hurt and as snacking at work has stopped I have lost weight which I am happy about but its a pain, cleaning my brace, constant brushing, sensitive teeth from when they start moving and the torture of putting them in and taking them out as the dentist added little buttons to my teeth so the brace clips onto the buttons and locks, putting all that aside though the end result will be amazing, straight teeth and then whitening for the perfect Hollywood smile. Once the brace is off it will just be the case of wearing a retainer at night pretty much forever but I can live with that. If anyone is considering this just as I advised with microblading don’t go to the cheapest one, I went through Midland Smile Centre

3. Third new change was the most important, to go back to my old fitness freak self, I have gained loads of weight over Christmas and become so lazy and thats not good, exercise is the best free therapy in the world but how does one get their mojo back after a long break, this is how?

  • Set realistic goals – My weekly plan – Monday – Running, Tuesday – Running, Wednesday – Rest day, Thursday – home work out with weights, Friday – Running, Saturday – Running, Sunday – Rest day
  • Meal Prep – Prepping for the week means you only have what you prepped for and it means not forking out on food at lunch time when your at work, whenever I forget my lunch 9 times out of 10 I will go out for lunch and if you work in the city center like me you’ll know there’s limited healthy options around, even the salad in a supermarket is no good, my breakfast is always different and I get bored easily, sometimes its a shake, Belvita biscuits, porridge or cereal, lunch can be a home made salad, soup, pasta or a jacket potato and same again for dinner, prepping is the way forward
  • Keep a diary or like me a blog, I will soon be uploading my results on here weekly and by doing this your competing with yourself by getting faster with the runs, fitter, healthier and seeing your results with the weight loss so you can be proud and see how far you have come.

4. So the others changes I want to make are the boring ones, new job, house, car, a partner blah blah blah, in time I will get there, the fact that I have set targets and kept them shows I mean business, I am putting myself first for one, doing what I want, making my goals and dreams come true because in this world only you can make you happy and nothing else matters.

Watch this space!!!

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