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Been sooo long

Although I’ve not updated in nearly two years it’ the same struggle. Just like my last post says if your not naturally thin and your anything like me you know the pain of having to struggle every day, watching what I eat, working my butt off to stay fit, shed the pounds or to work off the crap ive binged on during the week or weekend.

For me it’ not about looking good to impress people it’s about feeling good about myself, being fit, not getting out of breath when you walk up stairs or run for the bus, being so confident in yourself that you don’t care what people think or how you look because you know you look and feel amazing and I believe having a healthy and fit lifestyle helps with that.

But my problem is always stopping and starting, binging when I’m stressed taking me back to the square one. I envy those people who have such will power and can control what they eat, maybe I’m weak and need some self control but when you have had a history or binging or using food as a stress relief it’s some what hard, it’s like an addiction or am I just making excuses?

Well as it’s a new year despite being 2 months in I need to go back to my old ways just like when I created this blog, looking through this has brought back memories from when I was an active and happier person because I had fitness in my life and I am determined to get the old me back.


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