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Morning/Evening Session

Before my morning runs I do 15 minutes of stretches to get my body ready for my 3 miles which is the least number of miles I aim for every time. After my run I tend to do some weights with lunges and squats but doing the same thing all the time gets boring so I wanna mix it up a bit so I have created my own quick morning workout after my run, so I will be starting this tomorrow.

30 SECOND WALL SIT (increasing to 60 after 1st week)

I think this will be good when I’m not wanting to just work on my arms by doing weights, so I will do this as an alternative when I skip weights day.

For anyone else that is looking for quick workouts during the day I would give this a try or create your own. I also found a few others online which I will also give a try:



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Beat the sickness.

There is nothing worse then being I’ll and trying to stay in shape, it sucks, it means slow progress, motivation lost, aches, pains or cramps means you just want to turn into a couch potato and play a victim but exercise actually helps recover from any cold, flu or stomach cramps as I found over the past few days where I have felt terrible.
Exercise is good when I’ll because it flushes out all that bad bacteria from your lunges and airways and can actually remove your cold/flu whilst also preventing it from coming back again for a while. When you have that dreaded period and suffer from cramps exercise helps remove those painful cramps, headaches and fatigue as well as lift your mood.
Although being a runner in the outdoors when it’s winter can cause the odd cold you get which I blame you can swap your running for a few days if you think its going to make it worse and try indoor home workouts such as skipping, a fitness dvd or fitness youtube channel. As I mentioned in my last post stress can also be a factor when getting I’ll as the body recognises vigorous stress that you go through such as a hard day in the office so I am even more motivated to keep going with running and home workouts, as I have probably already mentioned I am anti gym, I am the one that refuses to pay for working out when I can simply do it myself and being the fact that solo exercising can be perfect way to find yourself, think things over and work your ass off without distraction.
I have never felt better and believe exercising is the reason. Normally whenever I have stomach cramps or any type of nasty cold I feel sorry for myself and as I said I am a couch potato but now I will overcome this and be the person that gets backup and sweats the crap off.
It really is the best and only medicine you will ever need.
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Exercising stressed

When you’ve had a bad day at work the last thing you wanna do is exercise. Sometimes being over worked and staring at a computer screen all day can really take its toll after a while and whilst they say exercise is the best stress relief sometimes stress can have such an impact on your fitness due to the following reasons:

  • Concentration which is affected through stress as well as mental concentration which today I believe was highly affected by
  • Memory, stress effects part of the brain that deals with short and long-term memory as well as working memory which is what you need and use to gather information such as decision-making
  • Stress prevents weight loss and effects fitness due to the way fat is stored due to the specific hormones and chemicals your body produces. When stress keeps your cortisol levels elevated, your body stores more energy as fat.
  • Your recovery process is delayed when stressed because your system breaks down when your stressed as it impairs your body’s ability to deal with stress such as exercise as its resources are used up.
  • Muscle tension can be caused due to stress which causes injury when doing any form of exercising
  • Stress ruins your motivation even more when you’ve had a bad day which I can say this is the one that has affected me the most which is the reason I run in the mornings before work

So, as I have run for the past 3 days tomorrow is my official rest day which I’m happy about because I need a rest so bad especially after the day I’ve had but how does one deal with stress when your focus is about keeping fit and losing weight.

  • Herbal teas and lots of water avoiding alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and sugary snacks as it’s known for increasing your stress levels rather than reducing it even those as a woman if you’re like me the one thing you crave the most is chocolate but if any think it makes you feel worse so it’s best to just always avoid it when stressed
  • Fresh air, yes, I I’m a runner but as described above sometimes exercise can be affected so getting out for walks and being away from the computer screen if you’re on one all day can give your mind a rest as I learnt today when I stepped outside my office for lunch when I’m known for working through it all the time
  • Warm bath, scented candles and plenty of sleep and relaxation which I plan to be using tonight and some say stay off social media as it can make you feel worse but looking at inspiration quotes and pics can really motivate you
  • Talking to friends and socialising to take your mind off things, I’ve been known for bottling things up, but s problem shared is all times a problem solved, there’s a saying that sometimes when you tell people your problems some don’t care and some are happy you have them but if you know who your real friends are then share with them
  • Stress diary to right down what a stressing you and coming up with solutions to overcome it to take control off your life, I’ve made a list at the start of the year of where I want my future to go and things song change overnight, keep positive and start making those changes in your life

So, tomorrow is another day. 2 more days and it’s the weekend so I’m going to follow the above and try to remain as positive as possible as I will be running again on Friday and what’s not to be happy about when it’s Friday. I will be using my weekend to carry on exercising and being away from work should bring my spirits up a lot more and as they say, “you’re having a bad day not a bad life” things do get better.

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Workout Wednesday

So guys we’ve made it to Wednesday. Half way there, well done to those busy workers, students, everyone that may be like me and starting exercising and eating healthy again, were on day 3 of the week and it gets better after that as we are closer to the weekend. I did my run this morning harder then ever due to the fact that I indulged last night when I went down to visit my folks, I will not make excuses and say it was thire fault, it was all me, I had a lovely cottage pie and some ice cream, okay so it’s not that bad but on day 2? I felt guilty for a few seconds and then thought exactly what I said in my do’s and don’ts of exercising post, do not deprive yourself because when you do that’s the moment when you just give in and end up binging on more then what you first wanted anyway. So after I indulged I was satisfied and didn’t require seconds as the old greedy me normally would and I looked back at the past 2 days of me running 3 miles in the morning and thought “you know what Maya, you’ve done good” and I have. I’m proud that I am still getting up at crazy times of the morning and getting my butt outside for a run and I am proud that I’m still eating healthy and blogging my thoughts away which by the way is helping so much. I remember when I used to break my diets and then think because I’ve had a biscuit I’ve ruined it all and will have to restart it all over again tomorrow, truth is anyone that uses that is just trying to excuse the fact that they wanna give up and don’t care enough, having a guilty snack doesn’t mean you have to give up and ruin your whole day and start again. So what you had a biscuit, a cake or doughnut, still have the same attitude as when you started and you’ll still go along away and that’s the attitude I have right now and if anything anytime you do have moments like just get up and kill it in the gym or on your run, I know I did this morning 😋

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The best green tea ever!

So I’ve mentioned how great green tea is in my green tea post under my menu bar but out of all the ones I have tried I have finally found a winner. “Bootea Matcha” after a work colleague let me try some when I ran out of my boring green tea bags I have never looked back, it is by far the best green team out there and here’s why:

  • Purest green tea all the way from Japan
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Metabolism booster
  • Calorie burner
  • Contains polyphenols and catechins which are natural chemicals and compounds found in green tea leaves
  • A powdered form that you can have as a hot or cold drink
  • A great energy booster
  • Comes in original, blueberry and cinnomen and peppermint greens
  • Relaxes and calms you
  • Doesn’t actually have the bitter taste of green tea that everyone hates

The only down side is that it’s a tad bit pricey, normally I would buy a basic pack from my local supermarket because I never like spending too much on an item when I can get something similar for cheaper but this is definitely one that I will be forking out on again.

Give it a try and if you’ve never been into green tea then you needn’t worry because as I said it doesn’t have that strong bitter taste that green tea normally has and you will see results after drinking this, not only to your weight but also to your skin and general overall health.

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Monday Motivation

It’s Monday, the day everyone hates due to the fact that the weekends over and its back to work. But as I mentioned in my last post I want to go back to my old fitness, energectic and happy self and it starts from today.

My alarm went off this morning, I put on my running gear and splashed my face with ice cold water to wake me up. I am choosing morning runs for two reasons:

1. I start work at 9 and I do not want to work out after a long hard day in the office and especially because I am a pug owner and my evenings are mostly filled with smothering him with cuddles and kisses (yes I said it)

2. I believe a morning workout sets you off on a positive note, it’s a fact that exercising makes you a more happier, energetic and stress free person and a morning run will most certainly be a great start to everyday.

So my first 15 minutes consisted of me stretching every part of my body to prepare for my run and getting my running playlist ready on my phone as well as my fitness app to track my miles, time and calories.

As it a still winter it means when I leave my house at 5.15am it’s still dark (roll on spring) which is annoying as I would normally head straight to the park but in the dark it looks like a trap for a victim in a horror film (I’m a horror fanatic by the way so yes I have watched way too many horror films so I won’t take the risk) so instead I run around my local area for about 20-30 minutes until it gets lighter then I do the other half an hour in the park.

I love parks, the gorgeous scenery of the fields, flowers and statues, there is nothing better then running in an area that has so many beautiful sites to see which is why I cannot wait for spring so I can spend all my runs in my local park which is so beautiful.

I always see this old guy who if I had to guess I would say he’s at least 65 years old. I first saw him a few years ago and I am surprised to still see him running today, every morning at the same time, it’s so inspiring and motivating to see. I think there’s no excuse, if you want to do something you just go for it. When I’m running and feel like stopping or giving up I see him in the park running opposite me and I carry on, he gives me a little cheeky smile, probably thinking “oh she’s back again” due to the fact that I’m always off the radar, but this time I’m back and back for good! I don’t want to go off the radar again, I want to be able to get to his age and still be running, feeling young, healthy and fit and have someone younger running opposite me thinking “wow you go girl” looking at me the same way I look at this guy full of motivation and admiration.

So I did it, I carried on and I completed over 3 miles, I feel fabulous and yes it’s Monday and yes I now have to go into work but I’m already having a good day because I set my week off right. I will make sure I continue this throughout the week and for as long as possible as I promised myself, no excuses.