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So there are a lot of diet crazes out there, I have tried every singe one and have always lost weight on them all, from Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, Atkins etc etc and now I have come across a new one which I have just discovered even though it has apparently been around for a while now and one of the toughest ones I think I have heard of. It is called the Mono Diet.

The Mono diet is basically where you choose one type of food only and exclude everything else, you eat that one type of food per meal every day and this can last from 1 to 40 days or more. This can be fruit, vegetables and some people have been known to use chocolate or rice etc, chocolate would just be a terrible choice not only because it is very unhealthy but also because it could become very sickly, however other choices such as fruit and vegetables doesn’t seem so bad so I dug a little bit deeper and did some extra research and found some interesting results.

By only eating the same type of food per meal daily means that you are paying more attention to the chewing and the taste of what you are eating, your body will clearly let you know when it is no longer hungry and when it is time to stop eating, and it will do this by causing your taste buds to shift in a way that will cause the foods that you are eating to become tasteless and unappealing, making it almost impossible to overeat or binge whilst appreciating the type of mono food you have chosen to eat through out the day, you become satisfied with the food you are eating as your body becomes used to the same type of food intake daily and you yourself will get used to the routine you have chosen and you and your body will not require anything else. Not only will you be cleansed but you should start feeling a lot better about yourself and the fact that cravings for other food types have gone. 

Mono Meals can also help with weight loss because it helps support proper digestion so goodbye to bloating, optimal nutrient absorption, and better assimilation. All of which result in a more nourished body with more energy, a flat belly and less cravings! Mono meals can also help end the cycle of emotional eating which is usually triggered by addictive or stimulating foods & spices and plays a huge role in weight gain which I have a huge problem with, if I binge its usually because I’m emotional so all this sounds good so far, I have not yet found any negatives regarding this diet except if you are one that gets bred very quickly then this is certainly not for you, as for me I always try my hardest to stick at diets as I need to know the results and to see how my body takes t it which I plan to find out with this one.

So what types of foods can you do in this diet. There are a few:

Grape fruit

grape fruit









I think you get the idea, you can pick from many thing, the only rule is you stick to this per meal daily up to 40 days or more. So my challenge starts tomorrow and in a week from tomorrow I will do my weigh in and find just just how much I have lost, people on this diet have know to lost a pound a day. So as from tomorrow I will start this using apples and oranges, that’s right you can have two types of food just as long as you are having it per meal. In a weeks time I will update n the results and how I got on, wish me luck.

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