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My newest and latest purchase, a fitness watch and I didn’t have to pay a lot for it either, who needs to spend a fortune when you have sites like Ebay and Amazon. Any way this gadget here is a god send, not only does it track your every move (even when sleeping) but it will count the steps, calories and miles done each day. I have always wondered just how much calories I am actually burning on a normal average day at home or work and roughly I have been burning over 1000 calories whilst being at work, due to my role involving moving up and down all day but there have been times when I am sat down all day behind a desk so I wouldn’t burn as much but this is great for knowing exactly what your burning on a normal day as well as when exercising.

Not only that but there is an app for this fitness watch, I have downloaded the app on my pc (also available on some phone) and this enables me to enter in my details such as my name, age, height and weight and gender, it lets you look back at your steps, calories burned, sleeping pattern and it also has an alarm that can wake you up in the morning. What I also love about these fitness watches is that when you have reached a high amount such as 10,000 steps the watch will vibrate to inform you that you have gone up to a certain level and it will also do the same when you have gone beyond that and broke a new record.

Before this I was always using my mobile phone app to track calories when I was exercising but obviously I can’t use that 24/7 to track my calories at work so that is why a fitness watch like this is so perfect, you can wear it all the time and compete with your score from the day before. You don’t have to even wear it every day, maybe when your exercising or going for a walk, but if your anything like me and like to keep track and count then get this watch which comes in different sizes and colours and give it a go.



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