health and fitness



You have them days when you go back to your old habits, whether it be eating junk food, being lazy on the sofa and not getting up off your fat butt and exercising, I have been having this problem lateley and its all down to stress, trying to sort problems out in your life is very hard when your also trying to keep fit and healthy. Having gone from being a size 16 to a 10 I have to remember how I got there and how much pain and struggle it took and this will hopefully keep me motivated because I never want to go back to my unhappy, unfit and unhealthyΒ self again. Its very easy to fall back into your old routine as I have done several times but its never hard to get back on track and I have found that exercise helps with stress and anxiety so from now on I will use this more to make myself feel happier and less stressed. I have come this far and I will not be defeated!!!

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