Jogging is the best

Jogging is the best
It takes time, but eventually after days, weeks, months you find yourself being able to jog for longer and faster, it becomes the best feeling in the world. Jogging is by far one of my favourite activities to date.

5 thoughts on “Jogging is the best”

    1. Endomondo, its the best I’ve found, tracks the calories, miles ran, heart rate and average speed and you can choose from all these different workouts to so I don’t just use it for jogging

  1. I didn’t learn jogging wasn’t horrible until recently. Not sure that it’s the best yet, but i’m getting there.

    1. Don’t worry I was exactly the same, I hated it at first but once I got into it and it became easier I just started to enjoy it more and can now jog for ages without stopping, it takes time though so keep at it

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